I do not know who CC Bill is or what!!!

My account was charged $39.88. What for!!

Somebody out there Needs to credit my account NOW.

I can barely pay the rent much less GIVE CC BILL $39.95.

DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not have a product name or an amount or even who may have been involved. '

I do not know who thi is and I'm fed up with it. Something has to be done and soon. Yes, I too am pissed off. I guess anyone can go into your account and charge whatever??? No I don't think so.

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I bought winzip online and the billing was from ccbill.com ... just fyi...

to Anonymous #1079550

Update ...I called them ...this was not the winzip...

I signed up for a 4.95 trial to a sports station (which did not work) and it charged 45.00 additional $$ after 3 days...I called ccbill and cancelled and they refunded my $45 money (but not the original 4.95).


CCBill, LLC is an Internet Service Provider

CCBill will provide one E-ticket to access the Website and its contents for which you are purchasing membership and/or CCBill will process as a separate order any transaction for Tangible Items you purchase from this Website.

CCBill, LLC.

2353 West University Drive

Tempe, AZ, USA 85281-7223

Telephone: 1.480.449.7751 Fax: 1.480.449.8801 CCBill EU, LTD. First Floor, CC Buildings Palm Street, Paola PLA 1411, Malta Telephone: 1.888.596.9279


CCBILL does billing for all sorts of shady Internet based businesses - like SGSHealth.com.SGSHEALTH.COM is the company behind the 14 day supply of tooth brightener offered for free (only pay shipping).

The problem is that it auto renews at $80 for the first month and $29.99 thereafter. The company does not include an invoice or billing information in the subsequent packages and they arrive in a plain brown envelope so you don't know who to contact. If you aren't going over your statements carefully enough, you can really be taken. CCBILL states that theeir contact.info is included in the billing statements but not mine with BofA...

I had to contact Bank of America Customer Service and have them look up the number to be able to cancel the ongoing order.To add insult to injury, I was only able to get a refund for 2 months - one of which had not arrived as yet.


Me too has had this problem and I have tried to cntact this companmy whoever tyhey are and have had no response. Is completely *** me off big time.


hope you at least enjoyed yourself =)

Heimstetten, Bayern, Germany #29801

You apparently bought something or made a payment online from a merchant that uses CC Bill as their payment processor. Check your statements for an order for $39.95.


CC Bill does internet billing for websites.

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