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I order two products on the same webpage that directed you to another page to order pay, but two different companies. (I assume) I received one but not the other, which was through CCBill. You are given a 15 day trial period, from the date of order to use the product. If you do not cancel within the time specified your credit card will be charged a months supply each and every month until cancelled.

I got kicked from CCBill website where I ordered before I received a confirmation number. No confirmation number, then how am I to cancel if I so choose? I have not received the product. I think they are delaying shipping until the grace period has expired by not submitting the order to the company, therefore, I have to be smarter than them.

I cancelled by credit card. It is a small sacrifice to make to get the upper hand on them. My credit card company states I will receive a new card within 7-8 days.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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CCBill like to play games...and take the money!

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