No more now! Please make Animal Toy-Thing, Game and Ball "Quacker" + Challenge Potato stay home and come over never again. I need money now. No more potato "quacker!" There is a lasting smell of grain and brain on my couch from the ducky whirl. From the ducky whirl... the ducky whirl. I have three girl, two boy, and a spider Ted. He is brown, she is yellow, he is yellow, she is brown, she is white. Ted is black, I have no legs. I am mad for CCBill. They sold me a "quacker" and there is five times a paper bag from the stove. I need as much dollar as I can get, I need it. Do not take more money I said. Said the dollar man. Said the dollar can. I saved in my dollar can. And what? I can't take, I'm out of here. Vwoom, vwoom, vwoom. Dive, dive!




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